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Auto Research has awarded Discover Rhode Island’s auto section as the 2020 Best Local Consumer Resource.

“We love the fact that it shows complete and unbiased information for anyone researching in the automotive category.  They show every dealer for every brand, along with direct links to their current inventory and specials.  And every franchised dealer is shown, so you’re not missing anyone.  It’s done in a clear and concise manner with no pop ups or banners to distract you from your research.  It’s very rare for a site like this to not be inundated with flashy (and annoying) ads, but this one is clean and complete.  Directories for local dealers, auto body shops, insurance companies and authorized repair centers are all presented in a simple and effective design.  They also have original reviews, and some great 4K videos from the “Press Preview” days at many of the international auto shows.  Congratulations to the auto team at Discover Rhode Island.