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About Us:

Automobiles.Media is a media company that focuses entirely on the automotive industry.  We cover national, regional and local automotive news and host regional sites throughout the US.  We provide unbiased reviews, stories and information for the public, and also provide tools and resources for automobile dealers and auto industry businesses.

About Automobiles Magazine: partners with the best regional advertising agencies to publish an exclusive monthly magazine that includes current specials from select franchised dealers in each area, along with interviews and local auto industry news.  Studies have shown that magazines are the most trusted media source (complete study), and command more focus and attention than social media, radio, television, internet or billboards.  Our magazines are completely interactive with links to dealers, inventory, premium pre-owned vehicles, auto insurance companies and auto body shops.  We also will be doing a series of in-depth interviews with important people in the local industry for each region.

Latest news and information:

Kia Comes of Age

The transformation of Kia might be one of the most interesting automotive stories in the last decade.  They’re a company that had humble beginnings, but seemingly out of nowhere has become one of the darlings of the automotive press.  They consistently rank high in...