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Magazines are the most trusted media currently available of the current media choices.  In a study by IMContent, it’s clearly shown that magazines, both print and digital, have the highest trust of all studied media, and shows that trust translates into confidence in purchasing.  Magazines are also among the highest rated media when it comes to sole attention, as readers aren’t distracted and enticed to be taken off the page.  Magazine reading is a “Pace” medium, which means the reader engages at their own pace and stopping where necessary to spend more time with interesting pages or advertisements.  Because the Automobiles magazine is digital, it has relevant links to dealers inventory and website, along with embedded videos to learn more about a product or service.  In future months we’ll be adding auto dealer service advertising, auto attorneys and eventually auto aftermarket products.  People are looking for a trusted third party resource in the automotive category, and there’s no better way to bring them that than a monthly magazine with reviews, interviews, specials and news.  We’re proud to offer the Automobiles magazines in different regions around the country.